IXXO has developed a blockchain from Ethereum, with token balances available in any blockchain account (local or smart contract) for newly mint tokens. IXXO introduced onchain permission for nodes, with possible readonly accounts.

IXXO has also the peer to peer protocol of the dAppBox integrated into the stack.

IXXOminers node validate a new transaction type of tokens issuance, and the initial amount of tokens is sent to the tokens initial holder. Automatically, all blockchain accounts can then view their balance in the new minted token, without referring to some ERC20 contract address.

What does IXXO blockchain brings over Ethereum ?
1. Speed (3s to 5s transaction time)
2. Low costs (a few cents per transaction)
3. Token exchange programmable in any smart contract, since balances are available everywhere.

IXXO Blockchain operates as a “POA” blockchain (Proof of Authorities), with the ability to program permissioned publicness onchain.

Block-producer nodes are hosted by IXXO, or affiliated independent and audited actors. Their incentivization scheme is yet confidential.